6/18/2019 Can we successfully resist the end of democracy?

Donald Trump recently said he believed his supporters would “demand” he be allowed to serve more than the limit of two terms.  He has often praised the current leader of China for recently being elected ‘for life’.  Trump wouldn’t be the first US president to serve more than two terms, FDR was elected to four terms.

The 22nd amendment, ratified in 1951, now limits the president to serving only two full terms.  In 1987, the New York Times reported that President Ronald Reagan also “‘would like to start a movement’ to repeal the constitutional amendment that limits Presidents to two terms.”

Why is this a danger to democracy?

Taken by itself, it isn’t. However when you factor in Trump’s (and the senate republicans) disregard for the checks and balances system which keeps our government in check, as well as his attacks on the free press and on the judicial branch (even targeting individual judges), and his and his family’s alleged corruption and obstruction, it points to a very disturbing and very dangerous future.

So how can we resist this threat to our democracy? Republican, Democrat or Independent, we must come together. Hold those in office now accountable for their collusion in Trump’s vision of America, and in 2020 elect a new government from the President on down.

#NO452020  #Resist

6/19/2019 Highlights from Trump’s Orlando Rally include bashing the media, his Democratic opponents and the Academy Awards.

The conservative online site BPR’s opening line of rally coverage says “those with big egos tend to be overly sensitive to criticism…”

They were talking about CNN after trump started bashing the mainstream news outlet and his crowd took up the chant, “CNN Sucks.”

It was hard to believe they would go there.  Donald Trump has proven himself to have the most sensitive ego of any president. He continually spends his time lashing out at his critics, at the media, at judges, governors, actors, mayors, world leaders, and for all I know, the dude that delivers his McDonalds.

It would have been nice to see President Trump spend the time speaking about his accomplishments, his plan to unite America and work together with Congress, his plans to uphold the rule of law and to condemn the extremist right.

Sadly, he did not unless you consider jailing thousands of innocent migrants in camps an accomplishment, or giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy. 

It’s just the same old show.

#NO452020  #Resist

6/20/2019 Are we now headed to a two-fronted war?

It is a common play in the Republican playbook – deflect American citizens from domestic issues by starting a war.  Both Bush’s took us to war in the Middle East. A war in the Middle East has the added benefit, in some minds, of also securing oil reserves for American companies.

Now they have the perfect excuses – Iran says it will break key nuclear deal uranium limit in 10 days and Iran has reportedly shot down a US drone plane.

But have the Trump’s hardline policies with China also opened up the possibility of war on that front as well? 

Consider this, there are several islands in the South China Seas that China claims dominion over that the United States contends are in international waters.  These occasionally flare up as an issue between the two countries.  Now China, in an aggressive move, has moved fighter jets onto one of the islands. 

Is this an attempt to start an engagement on this side of the world also, or is China merely testing the US resolve in light of the mounting tensions with Iran?

One thing is certain, it is the fault of Trump’s policies that has brought us to this dangerous time in world history. 

#NO452020  #Resist

Trump was noticeably impressed when he witnessed France's annual Bastille Day parade last year. "It was one of the greatest parades I've ever seen," he said at the time. He came home and immediately ordered a military parade of his own. Hs official reasoning? To show his support for the US armed forces.

For many, the idea of military tanks and heavy weaponry rolling through Washington, D.C. was frightening and in contrast to America's culture of democracy.  And many suggested the better way to honor the men and women of the military was to spend more on their care.

Against such over-whelming opposition, partly to the excessive cost, Trump’s ‘bigger than yours’ military parade has been cancelled.  Of course, that doesn’t stop Trump form getting what he wants.

Instead, he has co-opted the nation’s 4th of July celebration where there will indeed be tanks and jets on display, in honor of Trump’s ego.

#NO452020  #Resist

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